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Office of the President

University! 110+ years in education. 50,000 alumni across the globe. Infinite opportunities.


For over a century, West Coast University has existed to help individuals pursue their educational and professional dreams. Now, the University is recognized for its success in developing aspiring health care professionals. In fact, West Coast University, one of the largest educators of RNs in the state of California, is fast becoming a leader in Dental Hygiene education, with three masters-level programs in Nursing, Occupational Therapy, and Health Administration, and two new professional doctoral-level programs in Pharmacy and in Physical Therapy. We are excited about our future as an institution and your future as a productive member of the healthcare workforce.

To achieve our goals, the university's Office of the Presidents is committed to recruiting outstanding faculty and dedicated support team members, and to providing the most beautiful and well-equipped campuses. As evidenced by our campuses and professional faculty and staff in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ontario, Dallas and Miami, and our alumni serving communities throughout California and beyond, we are accomplishing our mission.

From the moment you walk in the door, our goal is that you feel at home, where you are genuinely welcome. At home in a place that has everything you need to succeed - from labs and computers, simulation centers and libraries, to support services. At home in a place where a talented and expert team helps you make the transition from a student, to a graduate and finally to a working professional.

Whether you are looking to start a new professional career, or accelerate your current one, West Coast University is a place where you can do so as part of a community - a community of learning that is committed to excellence.

Welcome to one of the most exciting and fulfilling journeys of your life!

Jeb Egbert
President, West Coast University

Jeb Egbert

Co-President and CEO, Academics and Chief Learning Officer

“This is an exciting time for West Coast University, as it continues to grow both programmatically and geographically, and prepares students for vitally important careers in healthcare. I am very proud to be part of this institution.” - Dr. Egbert

As the Co-president and CEO, Academics and Chief Learning Officer for West Coast University, Dr. Egbert is responsible for the oversight of academic programs, practices, policies and procedures of the University. He has a special interest in student learning and related assessment activities to enable the University to achieve continuous improvement, and leading to student post-graduate success.

Dr. Egbert's formal training comes from Texas A&M, where he earned his Doctorate in Education, and the University of Texas, where he earned his M.B.A.

Dr. Egbert spent nearly 20 years at a traditional, private higher education institution, serving in a variety of roles including Director of Career Services, Dean of Student Affairs, Assistant to the President and Chief Financial Officer.

After working as a developer of account leaders at an international corporate enterprise, he returned to academia as a campus president of a multi-campus university that specialized in the behavioral sciences.

Dr. Egbert joined West Coast University in October 2009 as the University Provost.