Faculty Publications

Urmala Roopnarinesingh, MSHSA, Ph.D.


Roopnariensingh, U., Whiteman, A. (2020). A literature review of the learning methodologies applicable to graduate students earning advanced degrees in healthcare administration. Reports on Global Health Research2(110). DOI: 10.29011/RGHR-110.100010
Roopnariensingh, U., 
Whiteman, A. (2020). What factors affect graduate health administration student’s decisions in selecting academic institutions and their choice of course delivery? The Journal of Medical Practice Management.
Roopnarinesingh, U. (2019). Exploring graduate students’ choices to attend face-to-face programs at predominantly online institutions. Available form ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. (Publication No. 27544123) [Doctoral dissertation].
Roopnarinesingh, U., Whiteman, A. (2019). The Science of Future Education. The Intellectual Magazine, 1, 10-11