Nursing Simulation Labs

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Nursing Simulation Labs

Put Theory Into Practice

Nursing is a hands-on profession, and we have the education to match. While you learn about medical care in the classroom, the simulation lab is where you put it all into practice. Experience realistic hospital setups and work with real-life medical equipment — from defibrillators to IVs to medication dispensers.

Leslie G., BSN ’18

“My first real hospital experience as a nurse was in a medical surgical telemetry unit where we had to look at heart rates and rhythms and assess our patients. Here in the simulation lab, that’s where I learned to do that.”

Leslie G., BSN ’18

More Than Just a Manikin

You’ve heard of mannequins — those are the ones at clothing stores. Now meet our high-fidelity manikins, specialized healthcare education tools that realistically model a variety of medical scenarios. They are technologically advanced, anatomically correct patient simulators.

What can our manikins do? Nearly anything. They can sneeze, cough, bleed, have seizures, show dilating pupils, exhibit rising blood pressures, and even give birth! These manikins are the heart of our nursing simulation labs. They provide practice patient encounters before you start your clinical, giving you a chance to make mistakes and develop your skills in a safe, constructive environment.

Simulation Lab

Prepare for Any Situation

Our nursing simulation labs dynamically adapt to a variety of cases. As part of your curriculum, you’ll work through interactive scenarios in diverse fields, including:

  • Medical and surgical units
  • Pediatrics
  • Maternity/OB
  • Mental health

Watch the Nursing Simulation Labs in Action!

Real-Time Feedback

Part of helping you grow into the best nurse you can be is ensuring you get timely and constructive feedback. Simulations are an opportunity for you to get real-time feedback from experienced instructors.

Adjacent to our simulation labs in nursing, you’ll find discreet observations rooms where instructors can observe and evaluate your progress. Additionally, participate in debrief sessions where you can go over what went right or wrong in each simulation.

Simulation Lab

“Whenever a manikin crashes, we have to know where the crash cart is. We have to know how to call for help, what to start to do. We have to know all of those processes in order to save the manikin.”

Kindra A., BSN ’15

Simulation Lab

It’s All About Building Confidence

The nursing simulation labs let you make mistakes safely. Our goal is that you can approach your clinical rotations with trust in your skills. During simulations, you’ll be able to:

  1. Develop muscle memory so you can respond quickly during high-pressure situations
  2. Practice decision-making and critical thinking without jeopardizing patient health or comfort
  3. Become familiar with hospital room setups and equipment
  4. Experience a wide variety of events that you might not see during clinical placements
  5. Master your skills and develop confidence

Experience the Nursing Simulation Labs for Yourself

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