WCU Student Spotlight: Brittney Ayers

Being a human nurse was not always what Brittney Ayers had in mind when she started working in the medical field.

“I didn’t always want to be a nurse. I started off as an animal technician,” Ayers said. “But after becoming an LVN (licensed vocational nurse) in the military I kept working with humans and here I am today!”

Ayers had a desire to further her career in nursing and found that West Coast University was the perfect fit for her.

“I loved West Coast University and still do. I like the camaraderie and atmosphere of West Coast,” she said. “The teachers were always available to give any outside help. They offered tutoring too. It was just helpful all the way around.”

After graduating with her bachelor of science in nursing, Ayers decided to come back to her alma mater to gain her family nurse practitioner license. Now, she works as a labor and delivery nurse, caring for and supporting new mothers.

“The best part of being a labor and delivery nurse is being able to help women at probably one of the hardest parts of their life,” Ayers said. “Helping them get through when they feel like they can’t go on, being there to push them through it and then seeing them get that happy ending is the most rewarding part.”

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