WCU FNP Program Holds December 2016 Onsite Intensive

At West Coast University’s Center for Graduate Studies, doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) and master of science in nursing – family nurse practitioner (MSN-FNP) students recently worked together for a weekend of dialogue, collaboration and problem solving during an interprofessional education session.

A total of eight family nurse practitioner and 16 doctor of pharmacy students rotated though a series of four scenarios to test their critical thinking and clinical skills. Each team of three — one FNP student acting as the primary care provider and collaborating with two pharmacy students — sat down with FNP and PharmD faculty, who played the role of patients. Scenarios included an antibiotics consultation; patient education for a newly diagnosed diabetic; medication reconciliation; and prescribing a controlled substance.

“The feedback we received from PharmD and FNP students was amazing,” WCU FNP program director Michelle Paysan-Modina said. “The group dynamics and problem solving were so palpable. The experience was so realistic, not to mention how great and convincing our faculty acted, that the students requested to have more of these events.”

Some feedback received by instructors from students at the post-event survey included recognizing the importance of working with PharmD, how communication is essential and what a valuable learning experience the two-day session was. WCU PharmD professor Dr. Amber Verdell, who led the IPE activity, said students overall were very pleased with the activity.

“Some of the written-in comments included ‘we should do this more times per semester’ and ‘the scenarios felt very real,’” Verdell said.

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