Pride Spotlight: Stacey Hernandez de Leon, WCU-Ontario

As the associate director of nursing academics, Stacey Hernandez de Leon’s job is to support students through their academic journey at West Coast University-Ontario. Sometimes that support extends outside the classroom.
“I am grateful for the supportive and welcoming colleagues, friends, and family that I have chosen to surround myself with. I have been ‘out’ for a long time and my heart is warmed by the progress that I have experienced in my lifetime — and I know it is only going to get better,” de Leon said. “We never know what our campus means to our associates or students. This could and may be their only safe space, let’s keep it that way.”
For de Leon, Pride Month means celebrating being true to herself and her loved ones, and providing a safe environment for others to have the same opportunity.
“You will know when it is right for you to live your truth,” she said. “Pride means I get to be my authentic self and love the person I was meant to be with, my wife Fabiola.”

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