PharmD Students Share Why They Picked WCU

Several first- and second-year West Coast University students wrote and published an article in the American Pharmacists Association Student Pharmacist Journal to share what Doctor of Pharmacy students are saying about the program.

Second-year PharmD candidate Rose Bagheri said as a member of the inaugural class, she and her colleagues had the opportunity to make an imprint on the future of West Coast University.

“I vividly recall the wise insight from a faculty member at my interview, who acknowledged that while a new program may face challenges, a developing program can also provide a student with unique opportunities for personal growth, and professional and leadership development,” Bagheri stated. “That insight was one of the main reasons I chose WCU.”

Jasvinder Sandhu, also in her second year of the program, said WCU’s emphasis on “interprofessional education” was the predominant factor in her decision to enroll.

“Personally discovering the vital role that pharmacists serve within an interprofessional team attracted me. At WCU, I am confident I will gain the skills and knowledge that I need to succeed, and that certainly will last me a lifetime,” Sandhu wrote.

First-year PharmD candidate Glen Russell described his first semester coursework as “immersive, challenging and enjoyable.” He said the assignments incorporated many active learning strategies, such as team learning, simulated patient-consultations and several group/collaborative assignments.

“The (School of Pharmacy) faculty is highly responsive to students and their development, which adds yet another dimension to the meaning of ‘student-centered,'” Russell stated.

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