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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

West Coast University primarily operates on a semester system however different programs may operate on different calendar systems.  Please visit the University Catalog Academic Calendar and review the calendar based on the specific program. 


Please Note:

Undergraduate classes typically begin the first Monday of the Term when offered in residential format.  Courses offered in a blended format typically begin on the first day (Sunday) of the term and end on the last day (Saturday) of the term. 

Graduate classes typically start on the first Sunday of the Term and end on the last Saturday of the Term.

Nursing Clinical courses follow the Academic Calendar.  National holidays may be observed as long as the required contact hours are met by the end of the term, and within the agreed upon schedule with Preceptors and Clinical sites. 

Dental Hygiene Clinical Sessions will require student to see patients during final examination week, but not during University holidays and breaks.