University Alumni

West Coast University takes immense pride in its university alumni network. Our alumni stories have the power to inspire current students and help them discover and plan for the various opportunities and career paths that open up once they graduate.

Our alumni news serves as a guide to our students in making the right choices. Check out WCU's Alumni Spotlight stories for your dose of news and inspiration.

Recent Stories

WCU Alumni Get Social at Third Annual Summer Brunch

The West Coast University Alumni Network held its third annual Summer Brunch in Glendale, California. The “Let’s Get Social” event hosted alumni... Read more

WCU Alumni Spotlight: Florence Stohner

The gratification of helping people is what drew West Coast University alumni, Florence Stohner into the world of healthcare.  “There’s something... Read more

WCU Alumni Spotlight: Christopher Mata

For recent West Coast University alumni Christopher Mata, nursing means being able to change someone’s life. “Not just through medication and the treatments... Read more

WCU Alumni Spotlight: Pranayan Chakma

Pranayan Chakma has always dreamt of a career in the field of healthcare. After graduating from West Coast University's Dental Hygiene program (BSDH'18), Chakma decided... Read more



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