WCU School of Pharmacy Team Wins Annual Quiz Bowl

After this year’s California Pharmacists Association Quiz Bowl, there was no question who the winning team was: West Coast University.

Five WCU doctor of pharmacy students faced off against 11 other schools at the annual CPhA event in San Diego before taking home first prize in the competition this April. The students responded to questions from a variety of topics relating to pharmacy practice, including oncology, cardiology, diabetes, immunizations, law and other CPhA-related content.

“Congratulations to the members of the winning 2018 CPhA Quiz Bowl team: Sylvie Kengne, Zarouhi Abrahamian, Talin Baronian, Yevgeniya Gabriyelova and team captain Steven Kim,” WCU faculty Dr. Kyle Sousa said. “West Coast University School of Pharmacy is proud of our students’ teamwork in representing the WCU CPhA Chapter.”

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