West Coast University-Ontario Pins a New Class of Nurses

The Lewis Family Playhouse in Ranch Cucamonga was filled with West Coast University-Ontario nursing graduates along with their families and friends, all anxiously awaiting their pinning ceremony on Feb. 15.

Class speaker Kevin Mak shared a heartfelt speech with his fellow graduates. In his remarks, Mak celebrated the cohort as a whole, reflecting on their journey through the ups and downs of nursing school.

“We’re here to share this beautiful occasion that is our pinning ceremony. For some of us, this is the end of a journey called nursing school,” he said. “For others, this is the first step to another world called grad school. Regardless of whatever our future holds, this is the moment that we’ve all worked so hard to achieve.”

Mak went on to commend his cohort for working so hard through their time at WCU and sticking together through the rough times, from when they thought they might quit to the triumphs of finally being able to put in an IV. He left them with a message of gratitude and hope for their future nursing careers.

“We’ve been through so much and have pushed each other to be better and do better. I thank you all for an amazing ride at WCU and I hope these memories last forever,” Mak said. “Up here looking at all of you, I need sunglasses because your future is looking way too bright.”

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