West Coast University Alum Discovers Purpose in Wound Care


Jesseca A. said she never expected to work exclusively in wound care after graduating in 2015 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from WCU-Texas. Today, she is the vice president of nursing at Wound Evolution, a private wound care provider with nine locations across Texas.

Jesseca found her passion in wound care after caring for an elderly patient with dementia. When the patient first arrived at the practice, she was suffering from eight wounds across her body. She had limited mobility after a previous stroke. The patient’s daughter was overwhelmed by her mother’s care and didn’t know what to do before finding Wound Evolution.

Over the following weeks, Jesseca and her team worked with the patient to heal her wounds, while supporting the daughter and family. “When you help educate the family and empower them on how to care for their loved ones, it helps alleviate some of the anxiety they have.”

Jesseca recalled how fulfilling it was to help this patient fully recover from her wounds and connect with her team. “It was quite a journey seeing the patient open up and trust me and our staff.”

The entire family was relieved and grateful following the patient’s recovery. The experience motivated Jesseca to continue in wound care after seeing the genuine relationships she could build with her patients. “When I got into wound care, I saw patients on a weekly basis,” Jesseca said. “We actually get to see how our direct care positively impacts their lives. We see them healing. I found it more rewarding from what I had done in the past.”

Jesseca and her team have also helped a number of individuals salvage limbs that were at risk of amputation. “It’s not just healing wounds. Patients may have been told that their best option was to amputate,” she said. “We can have a patient go from a completely necrotic toe or foot and save it, so instead of an amputation they can keep their limb.”

Jesseca’s team uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy, along with regular wound care, to deliver enough oxygen to repair tissues and heal injuries faster. “Your quality of life changes if you go through an amputation. Not only physically but mentally,” Jesseca said. “Being able to save someone’s limb can be a life-altering experience for the patient. It gives them a second chance and even prolongs their life.”

Jesseca joined Wound Evolution as a clinic nurse when it opened in 2018. As the company expanded, Jesseca worked her way up to manager, nurse supervisor, and now vice president of nursing. “I developed the training program for all our new hires and then began managing our Dallas clinic,” she said. “We started out with two clinics in Dallas and Fort Worth and then grew to nine.”

She said that her time at West Coast University gave her the tools she needed to succeed in her career, learning how to stay organized and manage her time during her classroom and clinical experiences. Jesseca also recalled studying abroad in Argentina and observing how healthcare is practiced in different countries. “They set you up for success,” Jesseca said. “West Coast University promoted a healthy, student-centric environment and pushed for that camaraderie that got us through nursing school and beyond.”

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