WCU-Texas BSN Grad Was Driven to Find Quickest Path to Nursing Career

The road to becoming a nurse wasn’t always an easy one for Viridiana Grim, but it was one the recent West Coast University-Texas graduate always knew she was going to be on.

Viridiana began her nursing journey after she become a mother and needed to find a way to support her new family. To start working faster, Viridiana decided to first become a licensed vocational nurse and, when the time was right, pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

“And that’s exactly what I did,” she said

Viridiana said she chose WCU for its accelerated program and no waitlist, which allowed her to get started in school right away.

“I didn’t want anything to hold me back, and I wanted to get it done quick,” she shared.

Balancing school, work and family was a challenge at times, Viridiana said, but she knew any sacrifices she made wouldn’t matter in the long run.

“My parents are from another country. When we came here, they always wanted me, my sister and my brother to do something with our lives,” Viridiana said. “I wanted to make them proud and do something that would help other people.”

Headed into nursing school, Viridiana had planned on going into pediatrics until but began to change her mind during clinical rotations. Visiting different hospitals and having the opportunity to experience the different units gave her a different perspective, she said.

“That was exciting. Just being there and seeing what goes on at the neuro and trauma floors. That kind of determined that I could be in a hospital somewhere,” Viridiana said.

Now, once she passes her NCLEX, Viridiana said she is eager to start her residency as an emergency room nurse in July.

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