21 WCU Nursing Grads Complete 2016 Torrance Memorial Medical Center Versant Program

Nearly half of the nurses completing Torrance Memorial Medical Center latest “New Graduate RN” program received their BSN from West Coast University.

WCU Clinical Relations manager Mary Sanchez said she was honored to watch 21 WCU alumni graduate among the cohort of 43 nurses.

“Many of our students took time to publicly thank WCU, TMMC and their mentors for the last 18 weeks that have taught, inspired and given of the heart and soul to make them the nurses they are today,” Sanchez said.

The Torrance Memorial RN Residency is an 18-week, paid program that requires a full-time commitment and no time off for vacations. Areas of nursing include orthopedics, bariatrics, medical-surgical, telemetry, ICU, burn ICU, emergency, oncology and mother-baby.

A typical week for an RN resident in the Versant program includes weekly blocks of “core” classes. Core classes apply to all residents, such as blood administration, evidence-based practice and diabetes management. During the same week as core classes, residents may also be scheduled to attend unit-specific classes on varying days and times, like care of the ventilated patient, emergency triage or care of the shoulder surgery patient.

During the ceremony, Sanchez said a young WCU grad named Loren Segovia stepped up and provided entertainment for everyone by doing a dance routine.

“He does hip hop and coordinated some of the new grads to do a hip hop dance with Bruno Mars music. Then he taught the audience some hip hop moves,” Sanchez said.

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