WCU-Texas Student Spotlight: Ashlyn Boucher

Inspired by the nurses she encountered as a young girl, West Coast University-Texas student Ashlyn Boucher dreamt at an early age of becoming a nurse. That dream, however, was put aside as she grew to understand the very real challenges many nurses face.

“I really wanted to be a nurse when I was growing up, I went through a lot of medical things when I was growing up and I really loved the nurses that I was around,” Ashlyn said. “I really wanted to take away that pain and suffering of other children, but I didn’t know if I could deal with the troubles and everything that nurses go through.” 

Deciding to take a different route, Ashlyn went on to pursue her bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M University where she began her student teaching experience for high school health. It was during this experience that she realized her childhood dream to work in the healthcare industry never left.

“I did high school health, and then I decided that nursing was the path for me,” Ashlyn said. “I wanted to teach more on a hands-on level and be more of a healthcare worker.”

Ashlyn is now on track to graduate with her bachelor’s of science in nursing degree this November. She recalls learning about West Coast online, before deciding to pay the campus a visit. Once Ashlyn came to the decision to attend, she was met with a quick enrollment process and an easy transition.  

“I came in to tour the school and I loved it; it was beautiful. The people that were working there were super great to me,” she said. “I got in really quickly and was able to start right away.”

Though the road to becoming a nurse can be challenging, Ashlyn chooses to lean on her family and fellow WCU students for support. For Ashlyn, leaning on other students means taking advantage of study groups, which was especially helpful during her transition to online learning due to the pandemic.

“I do have friends in the school, and we have a study group that we made when we were together and we’re still in touch to this day,” Ashlyn said. “Just that quick little text can really help with just a small misunderstanding or something you misheard, It’s really important”

Ashlyn is now following the dream she once had as a young girl and desires to work with children in pediatrics. As she reflects on the beginning of her journey with West Coast University, Ashlyn has one piece of advice she would give to her former self: “Believe in yourself.”

“I didn’t really know that I could do this,” Ashlyn said. “You can do it if you just put your mind to it.” 

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