WCU Student Spotlight: Ginny Dubose, MHA Program

Ginny Dubose has always loved to learn. For her, learning is the way to advance yourself and the world around you.

In 2014, after losing her brother David, and her father shortly thereafter, Dubose felt as if she had lost the joy in her. She felt like she was falling behind and was having a hard time finding something that could bring happiness back into her life.

Dubose reached a turning point when she decided that discovering and learning something new would be the way to bring joy back into her life so, she looked to West Coast University.

Unsure of which degree would be the best fit for her and her career as the Business Office Manager of a Florida senior housing community, Dubose eventually decided that a Masters in Health Administration (MHA) was what she had been looking for but was hesitant to get started.

“WCU had everything I wanted but I was hesitant to apply because I didn’t understand what was needed in order to get started,” she shared. “But a student success advisor called me the next day and answered all the questions I had ; that’s what made me confident in attending WCU,” she said.

Taking the next step would be hard, but Dubose wanted to take the chance and use this degree as a way to change her world.

“I feel like when I have that degree in my hand, I’ll be able to create change not only in myself but my job as well,” Dubose said. “I feel like it will give me the authority to speak up.”

The first course solidified her belief that the MHA program was just the thing she was looking for. The class helped her to build a foundation that she used throughout her journey at WCU. A journey that has brought back the joy in her life, the same joy she strives to pass on to others.

“I intend to spread the kindness and respect that I have been given by WCU to all the people I interact with in my life!” she exclaimed.

Once Dubose graduates in April 2018, she intends to take all that she has learned at WCU and use it to benefit the staff she manages and the residents she cares for at the senior living community.

“At the end of the day, I want to be the reason people choose a retirement community,” she said. “I want to make sure they understand the options available that can ensure they retain the independence they crave while making sure no issue is missed behind the scenes.”

As she reflects on her time at WCU, Dubose has some advice for current and future students.

“Be willing to learn and listen. It will expand your horizons and open a lot of doors.”

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