WCU OTD Student Spotlight: Alex Ortiz

In seventh grade, Alex Ortiz learned about occupational therapy and he never looked back.

“We had a class presentation from an occupational therapist and she described what OT is,” he said. “I ended up volunteering with her company in ninth grade at a camp for kids with special needs and I just fell in love.”

Ortiz searched for a doctor of occupational therapy program that had as much love for the field as he did and West Coast University gave him that. For him, WCU offered everything he needed to be successful as an occupational therapist.

“I absolutely love the small class sizes, the high tech simulation labs and all the other resources available to us,” he said. “I have had so much fun getting to know my classmates and all these amazing professors too!”

With his graduation quick approaching, Ortiz feels ready for his future ahead and is confident in the OT he will become.

“It’s been so cool to grow into that future role as a doctor,” he said. “Back in the seventh grade, I never thought that I would be the leader that I am now.”

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