Career Services Provides BSN Grads With Valuable Tools at WCU-Orange County Career Fair

As a recent nursing graduate, Samantha McPeak is looking for any advantage she can get in the hiring process. Thanks to the Career Services team at West Coast University-Orange County, McPeak said she has a lot of them.

WCU-Orange County Career Fair Recruiters

College Medical Center Long Beach
Tenet Health
Department of State Hospitals
MHM Services – Atascadero State Hospital
Garfield Medical Center
Ro Health, Inc.
CHOC Children’s
VA Long Beach Hospital
Memorial Hospital of Gardena
Promise Hospital
St. Joseph Health
Memorial Care

“Career Services is amazing. They really are absolutely incredible. I went to one workshop and they did so much for me,” McPeak said. “They helped build my resume and my cover letter. If you want to make multiple cover letters for the different agencies — and recruiters pay attention to that — Career Services will help you write a cover letter for every single one of those organizations, which is huge.”

At the June career fair, McPeak visited with several of the 12 health care organizations present, handing out resumes to recruiters and seeing what openings were available. Since she has only been a registered nurse for two weeks, McPeak said she was focusing on new grad programs but was also interested in working in telemetry nursing or in a step-down unit.

Despite it being her first career fair, McPeak moved confidently from table to table, trying to find the best opportunity for her. She said no matter what stage of school they are in, WCU students should check out what Career Services can offer.

“By just going to one workshop I found out that I could meet with Career Services to do mock interviews. They help you with meet and greets, your resume and your portfolio,” she said. “Even if you don’t want to get a job, information is key. Go to those workshops, just go to one. That’s all I did.”

WCU provides career guidance and assistance but cannot guarantee employment. The views and opinions expressed are those of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or position of the school or of any instructor or student.