WCU-Ontario Student Spotlight: Evan Price

West Coast University-Ontario student Evan Price was recently recognized by a clinical partner for outstanding behavior toward patients during his clinical rotation at Parkview Hospital.

The chief nursing officer (CNO) at Parkview went to the nurses’ station to ask for assistance with regards to a patient. Price stood up right away and went into the patient’s room to assist her.

The CNO watched Price help the patient to the restroom, straighten the linen on the bed, answer the patients questions and provide a soda per the patients request. The CNO was impressed by the compassion, caring and kindness Price showed.

“We can teach task-oriented duties,” CNO Karen Descents said. “But we cannot teach the compassion, kindness and caring Evan showed.”

Price was presented with a certificate of recognition by the CNO of Parkview Hospital with WCU-Ontario Dean Diane Morey and Clinical Relations Manager Tracy Duda.

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