WCU-Ontario ‘Sim Battle’ Forges Student Friendships

It’s good to have a “battle buddy” — even if it’s just for a simulation.

This March, three teams of BSN students got a taste of the rapid-fire critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed on the front lines of a medical emergency during a “simulation battle” at West Coast University-Ontario.

Sim Battle: Ontario

Three teams enter. One team leaves — with a gift basket. There were no losers during the Simulation Battle at WCU-Ontario, but the “All Our Relations” squad took home the big gift basket of “nursing essentials,” including high-end stethoscopes, NCLEX study aids and Starbucks gift cards.

The A Team
Daniel Woosley
Herschel Manalo
Danielle Han
Rhazzle Rowe
Team DNR
Gina Musolino
Ashley Favot
Abigail Jones

All Our Relations

Princess De La Rosa
Sovandy Mar
Jahayra Sierra
Maria Ixta

Teams were a mix of new and more experienced WCU-Ontario students — with some teammates meeting for the first time before the drill. Students had practiced various scenarios on their own time prior to the event, but came into the competition cold.

“They knew something was going to happen, but they don’t know what or when,” Rochelle McAlpin, WCU-Ontario Simulation Center manager, said.

As teams entered the simulation lab, they began assessing the “patient” and reviewing available medical information. Eventually the medical mannequin’s health began to deteriorate to the point where teams were required to perform CPR.

For added pressure, friends and families of the BSN students were invited to watch how the battle progressed on closed circuit monitors. Students were evaluated by WCU faculty during the 20-minute exercise and the team with the highest score received a gift basket. But winning, McAlpin said, was never the main objective.

“The purpose of the simulation battle is primarily a mentoring experience,” McAlpin said. “We want our students to love where they are going to school. This event provides an opportunity for the more advanced students to mix with the newer students — somebody they may have seen in a hallway but never met — bringing them together for the same purpose, using simulation to improve the quality of patient care.”

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