WCU-Ontario Takes a Study Break for National Ice Cream Day

In recognition of national Ice Cream Day, West Coast University-Ontario students got a moment to chill out from their studies this July in a sweet way.

WCU-Ontario executive director Mitch Thomas held an ice cream social on July 18 to celebrate the completion of midterm exams and give the campus a break from the heat by bonding over some cold desserts.

“We had more than 200 students and staff stop by and grab a scoop,” WCU-Ontario student affairs director María Elisa Grandoné said. “Events like this one help us build connections by engaging with students during a fun study break.”

A la Minute Ice Cream supplied the scoops for each student with a flourish, rapidly freezing the to-order treat with a dash of liquid nitrogen.

Originated by President Ronald Regan in 1984, Ice Cream Day normally falls on the third Sunday of July, but Grandoné said no one seemed to mind celebrating a few days later.

“For us, today was another great opportunity to celebrate our students and connect with them to create a stronger campus community,” Grandoné said.

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