Girl Scouts Get Nursing Lessons from WCU-Ontario Students

On May 20, West Coast University-Ontario’s California Nursing Students’ Association (CNSA) organization and nursing students helped local Girl Scouts earn their nursing badges.

The event was led and organized by Ashley Wiese, a BSN student at WCU-Ontario and CNSA chapter president. Students created a variety of stations and activities for the Girl Scouts to participate in and help them learn more about the field of nursing.

“This was important for me, because I used to be a Girl Scout,” Wiese said, adding the idea was inspired by a recent CNSA leadership conference that encouraged members to give back to the community.

Stations included:

What do nurses do? Girl Scouts were asked what they felt a nurse does every day and to illustrate what their vision of a nurse is. Students assisted with questions the Girl Scouts had in regards to what nurses do and how they help people.

One girl drew a photo and wrote “use stethoscope and take care of old people,” Wiese recalled, laughing.

What kind of nurse will I be? Girl Scouts were able to take a quiz on what type of nurse they would be. Students assisted with the questions and explained the different areas of nursing that they are able to go into.

Hand washing Our students created a simulated activity to show girl scouts the importance of hand washing in a nurse/hospital setting through taking glitter and mixing it with hand sanitizer. The Girl Scouts were shown how to clean their hands properly in order to help patients. One trick the girls learned, Wiese said, is you should wash your hands for as long as it takes you to sing “happy birthday” twice.

First aid/Tools for nursing Students set up stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and gauze to demonstrate how nurses help patients when they are in the hospital. The students also shared information about how nurses are able to help people even when they are not in a hospital and showed how these tools can be used for emergencies as well.

A history of Florence Nightingale Students gave the Girl Scouts a brief lesson on the history and importance of Florence Nightingale to the field of nursing. Girl Scouts learned how her influence and organization of nurses during the Crimean War for wounded soldiers transformed the field of nursing for centuries to come. While looking at photos of 19th century health care, one girl commented that the capes on the nursing uniforms reminded her of a superhero costume.

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