WCU Ontario Welcomes 150 New Students

West Coast University-Ontario welcomed 150 new students into the WCU family with a New Student Orientation event on June 5.

Current WCU Ontario students and clubs helped out during the event to give the incoming students tips and tricks needed to be successful in such an accelerated program. The day began with a game of “Peer 2 Peer Connection Bingo” that lead new students through the campus by student O’Leaders. O’Leaders are current upper-class students that have displayed significant strength in their academics while attending school and managing their way through the BSN program. New students were able to interact with the O’Leaders, ask questions and get real-life accounts of the benefits the BSN program has to offer.

In addition to building connections with their peers, the incoming students also got the chance to meet heads of each department and go over key policy information with them.

Welcome to the WCU family!

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