WCU MHA Student Spotlight: Kevin Jenkins

Unsure if he was ready to return to school after more than 30 years of working, Kevin Jenkins decided to ease into his master of health administration program by just taking one class.

“As I worked through that first class I remember thinking to myself, ‘Maybe I can actually do this,’” he said. “After that I just kept going, taking it a little bit at a time.”

Jenkins journey to West Coast University wasn’t easy. After finishing his bachelor’s degree in 1985, he quickly began working in the healthcare industry and started his family. As the years went by Jenkins began to hear the same question come from everyone he talked to, “Have you ever thought of going back to school?”

“I began to realize that I needed a master’s degree. Even though I had a lot of experience, no one would listen to me,” he said. “It really motivated me to find a program that would fit into my life.”

But as he began looking into master of health administration degree programs, Jenkins began to worry if his age would affect his ability to do well in the online classroom.

“A lot of graduate students nowadays are young kids right out of their bachelor’s programs,” he said. “I didn’t think I would be able to compete.”

After much deliberation, Jenkins said he found the perfect fit with WCU online. After a slow start in his first few terms, Jenkins is now confident that this program will help open a lot of doors for him in the future.

“I feel like once I get this MHA I will have so many opportunities available to me,” he said. “WCU has made this process so easy by helping me every step of the way.”

Now, Jenkins is on track to graduate in October with honors and hopes that his success in the MHA program will inspire his son and others to go back to school — no matter their age.

“So, what if I’m old? I still have so much left to do in this world,” he said. “You have to look beyond your fear, find the will and just do it.”

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