WCU-OC Students Volunteer at Torrance Memorial Liver Cancer Screening Day

West Coast University-Orange County students volunteered their time on June 30 at Advances in Cancer: Liver Cancer Hepatitis B and C Screening and Educational Lecture hosted by Torrance Memorial.

WCU students assisted by registering patients and guiding them through the process. Torrance Memorial provided free Hepatitis B and C screenings to over 100 patients.

Students had the opportunity to attend a panel of cancer specialists from Torrance Memorial and Cedars-Sinai hospital that addressed the latest research and advances in the treatment of liver cancer, as well as risk factors associated with Hepatitis B and C during the screening event.

The hepatitis B and C viruses are the leading cause of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) worldwide and also presents in approximately 90 percent of all primary liver cancer cases. Understanding the role of Hepatitis B and C viral infections in HCC development is essential for the future design of treatments and therapies.

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