WCU-Miami Student Spotlight: Valerie Puig

Becoming a nurse has been anything but easy for Valerie Puig. She has struggled and wondered at times if she should give up, but with the support of her West Coast University-Miami classmates and professors, she is ready to tackle anything that comes her way.

“The journey is all worth it, she said. “The struggle is all a part of the process to help you to grow. There might be times that you think you’re going to fail or that you can’t do this, but it going to be 100 percent worth it in the end.”

How have the instructors helped you through your WCU journey?

I love the professors here so much. I transferred from such a big school and here you’re not just another name on a roster. You’re someone that they care about and that they want to see succeed. You get to go to the professor’s office so you can talk about the topics that you’re struggling with and work through it together.

What’s your best study tip?

Do the flashcards to learn the content. Then do practice questions to apply the concepts and to make it interactive. The more parts of your brain that you’re simulating while you’re doing your notes, the more likely you are to retain the information not just for the exam, but for the long term.

What are PALS tutors?

PALS are peer-assisted learning. We can go through an entire lecture, address any questions you may have and even teach you tips and tricks on ways to be able to get to the material and to be able to grasp it on your own. It’s very interactive. Some people are able to read the books and fully understand the material, but not all of us are that kind of learner. You have to integrate different types of learning into your studying so that you can be more successful, and that’s where PALS comes into play.

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