WCU-Miami Donates 20 New Bicycles For Doral Families

West Coast University-Miami helped 20 families roll into the holidays this December at its first “Fall Challenge Event.”

WCU-Miami executive director Joshua Padron and 20 teams of nursing students, alumni, faculty and staff worked together on Dec. 16 to build a healthier future for the local community and spread some holiday cheer by assembling bicycles for boys and girls from Ruben Dario Middle School.

The 20 middle schoolers were selected because of their good academic standing and need. While the WCU team assembled the bicycles, the students and their families played games and assembled their own creations with the help of flexible straws.

Edwin Garcia, who helped connect Ruben Dario Middle School with WCU, supplied encouragement during the event as the master of ceremony, while Yvette Feliciano kept everything running smoothly.

Padron said the event was a great way for WCU to give back to the community.

“We saw smiles, tears, and heard parents thanking WCU for doing this for their children,” Padron said. “I had a parent with tears in her eyes tell me she wouldn’t have been able to purchase this bicycle for her son. She was so thankful.”

Padron said he was grateful to all the campus leaders, volunteers and participants for their time and effort during the weekend.

“You were all instrumental in making this event a reality,” he said.

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