WCU-LA Hosts Its Inaugural ‘Men in Nursing’ Event

West Coast University was recognized in 2018 by the American Association of Men in Nursing as the best college for nursing for showcasing the importance of male nurses within the healthcare industry.

In support of Men in Nursing, WCU-Los Angeles hosted its inaugural Men in Nursing event on Nov. 14.

WCU students had the opportunity to explore the vast amount of career paths available with a degree in nursing and see the need for male nurses in the workplace.

Attendees also had the opportunity to learn from keynote speakers Dr. Peter Grossman and Christopher James. Grossman, a prominent plastic surgeon who specializes in burn treatment, and James, a burn survivor, shared their stories and the importance of nurses during patients’ healing process.

The event concluded with an alumni panel who shared their experiences as men in the nursing field.

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