WCU Graduate Spotlight: Chelsy Bognot, BSN

Learning the value of flexibility has been a key takeaway for West Coast University graduate Chelsy Bognot.

“The past year was nerve-wracking to say the least,” Chelsy shared about her final year in West Coast University’s bachelor of science in nursing program, which transitioned to online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are taught to be flexible as nurses, so it was good practice and I feel we are now more compassionate than ever.” 

Chelsy shared that while she prefers hands-on learning, she was grateful that West Coast was able to transition classes online so she and her classmates could graduate on time. 

“The staff and faculty at West Coast were really accommodating, so I still feel like I got as much out of the experience online as I did in person,” Chelsy said.  

After working in customer service jobs over the years, Chelsy knew she wanted to go into nursing to care for people. 

“I enjoy working with people and I like that there are different routes you can take in nursing,” she said. “If you want a fast pace you can work in the ER, if you want a slower pace you can work in a nursing home. You can choose what fits you best.” 

The nursing graduate is currently preparing for her licensure exam while interviewing for jobs and credits her strong motivation and finding the right study group that helped support each other through the rigorous course work. 

“I feel like I made the most of my experience and that I’m prepared to be a nurse,” she said. “West Coast taught me to be flexible which will stay with me for the rest of my life.” 

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