WCU Graduate Spotlight: Alicia Banks

Alicia Banks came to West Coast University because of the school’s commitment to a student-centric focus. Now she’s is part of that commitment.

A graduate from WCU-Orange County’s first dental hygiene cohort, Banks eventually went on to earn her master of public health administration from WCU’s online program. This July, she returned to her roots and is now a clinical instructor at WCU’s dental hygiene clinic in Anaheim.

“After completing my first journey with WCU, I accomplished much success within the dental field as a result of the university providing me with the highest quality of education, tools and resources,” she said. “Wanting to further my education and advance my career, I turned again to WCU and applied to their MHA program. Once again, the faculty, professors and dean of the program were remarkable every step of the way.”

As a WCU instructor, Banks said her goal will be to impart the skills she has acquired over the years — including beyond just what happens while the patient is in the chair.

“Clinic is extremely important. Having those skills, being that good clinician, but really it’s getting through to people,” Banks said. “You have to have those interpersonal relationships to build with your patients to really make a difference. You may scale all day and do a wonderful scaling patient but they may not know that. It’s really reaching them below the surface to get them to comply.”

As a double WCU graduate, Banks said she appreciates how hard her alma mater works to insure students are getting what they need.

“The dental hygiene program, it’s vigorous, don’t get me wrong, but the student-centric focus really is what helps you get through the program. When I transferred and did the master’s program it was wonderful because I could still enjoy my career and do everything from home, so I still got the same aspect just more of an online presence,” she said. “It was really the big difference than having to be on campus full-time but it worked great. I was still able to work full-time for hygiene and still accomplish my master’s degree.

“West Coast University’s educational system was the foundation of my success.”

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