WCU GPH Program Visits Argentina To Teach and Learn

West Coast University students traveled to Argentina in September as part of West Coast University’s Global Public Health program. Students from the California, Texas and Florida campuses were able to use the skills they learned in WCU’s nursing program and take them to Argentina for a hands-on experience while supporting the community.

In Argentina, students were able to present the community with health information and share the knowledge acquired while studying at WCU.

“As a nurse, part of our job is to teach,” Kaycee Gelera said. “Teaching can be so much fun and trust me when I say that their efforts went a long way.”

WCU students who participated in the GPH trip felt the experience was life changing and gave them a new appreciation of their practice.

“Beyond grateful for this amazing opportunity I have been granted to learn about the Argentinian healthcare system, become friends with amazing nursing students from the states and from Argentina, and to be out in the community providing education that will aide to benefit this community now and in the future,” WCU-Los Angeles student Rachel Asia said. “To me this is what nursing is all about and I will always be thankful for getting to experience this!”

While students traveled to Argentina to teach the communities about health, they also had some time to take in the sights and activities rich in Argentinian culture. On their journey they were able to experience horseback riding and zip-lining through the beautiful scenery, took a carriage ride and attended a tango lesson and show. The public health students were able to experience the amazing hospitality of Argentina and their traditions.

WCU students are back home and ready to finish out their term at their campuses with a newfound appreciation for nursing and Global Public Health.

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