WCU-Dallas Takes SIM Skills On The Road At Symposium

The simulation team from West Coast University-Dallas and campus Student Nursing Association members attended a high school and college symposium this February for young adults interested in pursuing jobs in the health care industry.

WCU was invited by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center to participate at the symposium and the team provided information to attendees and demonstrated via hands-on training stations with a medical simulation mannequin.

WCU-Dallas Nursing Administration Associate Director Nakia Scott said the pair of WCU students showed the high school students how to conduct vital signs and blood pressure checks on the mannequin under the watchful eye of the WCU-Dallas SIM manager.

Scott said it was great to see the two WCU students take over the lessons and instruct the high schoolers on proper technique and procedures.

“I loved watching our WCU students in action,” Scott said. “With them always being the student, it was nice to see them as the teacher and demonstrating the skills they’ve learned at WCU.”

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