More than 30 Graduates Receive BSN Pin at WCU-Dallas

Each West Coast University pinning event is memorable, but occasionally, a special moment arises from the traditional ceremony.

At the most recent WCU-Dallas pinning event, the 30-plus bachelor of science in nursing graduates thanked one of their instructors in a unique fashion.

“I thought it was really great when Kaela Washam, the cohort representative, was thanking the many instructors for their dedication to teaching. Towards the end, the class stood up and did a little cheer and dance moves for Chad Zandi, the NCLEX Success manager,” WCU-Dallas Student Services Director Amy Stewart said. “It got quite a laugh.”

After the ceremony, two of the WCU-Dallas nursing graduates shared why they chose a career in healthcare.
Haley Haydon said she was always fascinated by the human body and just wanted “to see the world become a better, happier place.”

“One of the best pieces of advice I was given during nursing school was “never pour from an empty cup.” You have to make sure to take care of yourself,” Haydon said. “As I’m entering the nursing workforce, I especially plan to take that into consideration and to make sure my cup isn’t empty, because I can’t help people if I can’t help myself.”

Fellow BSN graduate Melanie Hampton said she also loves caring for people, but finally committed to becoming a nurse after a family emergency.

“Several years ago my son was in an accident and we almost lost him. Seeing the incredible pediatric care at Cook Children’s Medical Center made such a difference in my life that I decided to be a nurse,” Hampton said. “West Coast University helped prepare me to be a nurse because of the small classes. Our professors really interact with us, truly care about us, and take the time to make sure that we are the best of the best.”

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