WCU-Dallas Welcomes 30 BSN Graduates at April Pinning

Thirty graduates from West Coast University-Dallas celebrated receiving their bachelor of science in nursing degree this April.

WCU-Dallas BSN graduate Tyler Bonny, who is starting a critical care graduate nurse residency in a Dallas cardiothoracic transplant ICU unit, said despite being “born into the medical field” he was still unsure of what interested him in healthcare. But after working in an emergency room during high school, Bonny discovered that he connected with the work ethic of the nurses.

“The passion and the care they were able to give each and every patient, I realized that’s exactly what I wanted to do with my career,” Bonny said.

Bonny advised current and future nursing students to make sure they are prepared to show patients all the “love and grace they need” every day at work.

“Now that I’m finished and I look back, I think that’s the biggest thing,” he said, “If you’re dedicated and you know exactly what you want to do and you have a goal, that you’re going to get it.”

WCU-Dallas grad Corey Kleinman said her step-father was her greatest influence on being a nurse, including helping direct her towards WCU.

While briefly hospitalized, her stepdad always talked to Kleinman about how incredible the nurses were, providing bedside help and explaining in simple terms what was going on medically. Once out of the hospital, Kleinman’s stepdad — who is a firefighter — spoke to a lot of the nurses in the Dallas area and told her many of them recommended attending West Coast University.

“The nurses really made him feel comfortable and impacted his life and I wanted to impact someone’s life the way they impacted his,” she said.

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