WCU Graduate Spotlight: Lindsay Daniel, RN

Lindsay Daniel had wanted to be a nurse her whole life but was scared away by the thought of all the “science.” She spent her first two years of college studying business but was moved by her grandmother’s dying wish to pursue her passion.

“I held her hand as she took her last breath and she always told me, ‘Honey, you have to be a nurse. You just have that touch,'” Daniel said. “One of the last things she told me before she passed away was ‘you need to go to nursing school’ and that’s all it took.”

Now a registered nurse, Daniel works in the staffing pool with Texas Health Resources (THR) and travels to their different locations to fill needs in the progressive care units. Daniel said the hardest part of her job is also the best part. Since each hospital has its own culture and protocols, every day is a learning experience – which is the way she likes it.

“I get change all the time. I see different patients all the time, different populations, different illnesses so I’m one that likes change,” she said. “I don’t like the same thing over and over again and so the experience has been out of this world. It’s boosted my resume and it’s just really made me a strong nurse.”

Daniel added that her clinical experience at WCU-Dallas exposed her to several different hospitals inside and outside Dallas, which was great training for her present position. While no hospital is quite the same, she said, there was one thing all nurses had in common.

“You have to have a nurturing, kind heart. You have to really want to be there. You not just there for the paycheck,” she said. “To be a nurse, it’s something that you love to do and it’s your passion. West Coast definitely prepared me and I’m very proud to be a WCU alumni.”

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