WCU Clinical Partner Spotlight: DaVita Healthcare Partners

With more than 2,500 dialysis units across the globe, DaVita Healthcare Partners is looking for nurses that are going to offer world class clinical care to patients.

At DaVita there’s lots of opportunities for growth whether it be on the nursing side or operations or administration,” Joy Yegoyan, a facility manager with DaVita Healthcare Partners, said at a recent West Coast University job fair in Los Angeles. “They want you to be a in job that really floats your boat that you’re passionate about so whether you’re a nurse administrator or a clinical floor nurse or a clinical administrator, DaVita really wants to promote you from within.”

Contrary to advice from some job recruiters or employers, Yegoyan recommended BSN grads not jumping into the workforce and taking the first job offered to them. She advised being more selective and picking something you’re passionate about rather than going into a job for the paycheck.

“It makes you a happier person, it makes the patient a happier patient to get care from the nurse and it makes the employers happier to have those type of nurses that are really passionate about their job in that field,” she said.

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