WCU Clinical Partner Spotlight: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Andree Mulia has been to a lot of career fairs at West Coast University.

As a senior talent acquisition recruiter for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Mulia only wants the best for the “kiddos” at her hospital. And that’s why she keeps coming back to WCU.

“We hire a lot of West Coast University students just because of the quality, because of professionalism and then we love working with the staff here with Arpine (Zohrabyan) and her staff — just, just awesome,” she said.


What are you at this career fair?

So really I’m talking about the RN residency program so it’s for nursing and its throughout the house so it’s for the ED, it’s for the NICU, it’s for the PICU, oncology, for general peds so it’s really throughout the house that we open it to new grads and then of course if somebody comes here who’s experienced and they want pediatrics then we have the transition RN residency program for someone who’s going from adults to pediatrics. So that’s offered also twice a year. The next program will be in March 2017.

What’s some of your favorite things about WCU students?

I just love it because of that level, the sim lab that they have, just the quality of nurses that are developed here is pretty incredible so and then a lot of them do their rotation here at Children’s Hospital-Los Angeles as well as their preceptorship and so we just love having them.

What’s the No. 1 thing you look for?

We go across the country just to find the ideal nurse because I don’t just want a nurse who wants to come work just for a paycheck. I want someone has passion for pediatrics, for family-centered care, that really understands the mission of the hospital.

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