PharmD Program Celebrates Fifth White Coat Ceremony

West Coast University’s School of Pharmacy held its fifth annual white coat ceremony for 68 PharmD students on Oct. 28, at the Sportsman Lodge in Studio City, California.

The white coat presented to each student marked their entry into clinical rotations, the final step before gaining their doctorate.

After each student was given their white coat, the group recited the pharmacist’s code of ethics.

During the reading, the students acknowledged the privilege of studying pharmacy and by accepting this privilege they embraced the roles and responsibilities of a pharmacist in serving the humankind.

Congratulations to the class of 2022! You can view photos from the event on our Facebook page.

The pharmacist code of ethics states:

  • A pharmacist respects the covenantal relationship between the patient and pharmacist.

  • A pharmacist promotes the good of every patient in a caring, compassionate, and confidential manner.

  • A pharmacist respects the autonomy and dignity of each patient.

  • A pharmacist acts with honesty and integrity in professional relationships.

  • A pharmacist maintains professional competence.

  • A pharmacist respects the values and abilities of colleagues and other health professionals.

  • A pharmacist serves individual, community, and societal needs.

  • A pharmacist seeks justice in the distribution of health resources.

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