WCU Alumni Sweethearts: Bliss and Jason Kersh

Jason and Bliss Kersh met in the hall outside English class their first day at West Coast University-Ontario.

“We were friends but we never hung out on a daily basis until I think pathology,” Jason explained. “That brought us closer.”

“I didn’t know what I was doing in that class so I needed help,” Bliss added. “We just clicked well together. I bring out the good stuff in him and he brings out the good stuff in me.”

Bliss chose to attend WCU to advance her career after being a nursing assistant for two years.

“Everybody kept telling me to go back to school,” she said. “I found West Coast University and it was fast-tracked which was a good fit for me.”

Jason, on the other hand, went to WCU to start a new challenge.

“I’ve done a lot of other stuff in my past like plumbing, electrical, military, sales but the reason why I got into nursing is job stability,” he said.

Looking back, they are both proud alumni and grateful for their experience at WCU.

“I am so proud of finishing and being where I am now,” Bliss stated.

“Be proud of that’s where you came from,” Jason said. “I know when I talk to my bosses there is a difference between the school that I went to compared to the school that other people went to.”

Married since October 2015, Bliss and Jason are now looking toward their future together and the birth of their first child.

“We are six months along and we can’t wait for her to come,” they shared.

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