WCU Alumni Spotlight: Yvette Preble

Yvette Preble wanted to make a difference in the world. She also wanted to find a career she was passionate about — and that’s when she found West Coast University’s dental hygiene program.

“There’s such a big connection between oral health and overall health that it just seemed like a natural fit for me to go into something that I am passionate about,” she said.

After graduating from WCU-Orange County’s dental hygiene program, Preble began working at a private dental practice. It’s there, she said, where she gets to put her desire to help people into action.

“I get to see about eight patients a day and really hone in on my passion,” she said. “I get to educate my patients and tell them that it’s OK that they don’t floss every day. However, I’m here to help you make that better. I’m having a lot of fun.”

Now as an WCU Alumni, Preble attends as many alumni events as possible to interact with her fellow peers.

“The Alumni Network is a wonderful way to connect with not only dental hygiene students but with nursing students as well,” she said. “They are always so much fun and there are wonderful people to you meet. Why wait? There is no reason that should hold you back from joining WCU’s Alumni group.”

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