WCU Alumni Spotlight: Sally Villanueva

When it came time for West Coast University graduate Sally Villanueva to pick a master’s program, she looked no further than her alma mater.

“I wanted to continue with patient care and get an advanced nursing degree as a family nurse practitioner,” she said. “When I made that final decision, there was nowhere else to go but West Coast. It’s my home. It’s where this all started.”

Choosing the online FNP program gave Villanueva the tools she needed to expand her bachelor of science in nursing degree. She began to feel like she was truly helping people.

“The FNP program really gears nurses to build on the core values that we have and become a better provider,” she said. “I really love being a part of this community and helping families become healthier.”

Though an online program was a change of pace, Villanueva felt like she still made connections and learned from her virtual classmates.

“The online program is great because you get to apply all that knowledge that you’ve learned online with hands-on practicals at the Center for Graduate Studies,” she said. “During those practicals, you get to meet those virtual classmates that you have studied side-by-side with and show each other the skills that you’ve learned over the last few years online.”

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