WCU Alumni Spotlight: Pranayan Chakma

Pranayan Chakma has always dreamt of a career in the field of healthcare. After graduating from West Coast University’s Dental Hygiene program (BSDH’18), Chakma decided to go pursue his Master of Public Health degree (MPH ’19) through WCU’s online program. For him, continuing his education was the best way to provide the very best patient care. 

Preventing and treating oral and gum disease is an important factor in his field choice, yet his overall goal is to be more involved in direct in-patient care as a clinician and an educator. During both his BSDH and MPH programs, Chakma was impressed not only by the skills and knowledge of the faculty but with their open-door policies for their students’ inquiries. 

Without their support and care, he said, completing the program would have been unimaginable. Eventually, Chakma would like to make the same impact on new students that his professors made on him. 

How would your friends describe you?
It depends. I think every person has some optimistic and pessimistic appearances. Some friends say I am a very persistent, supportive, and influential person. Others say responsible, active, and a good caring person. But personally, I want to see myself as a well-wisher to all.

What drove you to obtain a degree in Dental Hygiene?
I always dreamt of working in the health care field when I was young. I had opportunities seeing and working with several health care professionals and able to know their role in the healthcare field. The main reason behind choosing dental hygiene was the role of the registered dental hygienists towards patient care. Being a dental hygienist, I am not only working on preventing and treating the oral and gum diseases to protect the patients’ oral health as well as overall health, but I can involve directly in-patient care as a clinician and as an educator. The registered dental hygienists’ are the most important and influential persons who can positively impact on a patient’s thought and belief can strongly motivate to the patient on individual health behavior and able to change their day-to-day activities. As an RDH, I can spend my time with the patient, one-on-one and able to answer their questions. I feel honored and privileged to be a part of their lives by listening to their interesting stories, daily activities with compassion.

What was/is your experience at WCU like?
Personally, I believe this school has a strong leadership and management authority who continuously holding a higher level of educational growth and development in every single aspect. In the Dental Hygiene program, Dean, academic and clinical administrators, all instructors, and staff are amazing with their skills and knowledge, they always keep their door open for the students for every needs and request. In the MPH program, I had such an incredible experience working and communicating with all course instructors. They are very responsive, open-minded, and generous to help the students. Each week, they always send emails and announcement about upcoming coursework as a reminder. As a full-time student with full-time work, it wouldn’t be imaginable finishing this program without their support and care. 

What are your future career aspirations after you graduate with your MPH degree this month?
I would possibly choose my future career as an educator or on health care management sector. In the meantime, I want to work on my higher education in the health care field to grow, develop,  and expand my knowledge, skills, and experiences. 

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