WCU Alumni Spotlight: Maricelle Dingcong, BSN

Maricelle Dingcong has always wanted to help people, you could say that the call runs in her blood. Growing up in a family of medical professionals, she saw no better career path than that of a nurse.

“I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, it has always been my main goal,” she said. “I just love the one-on-one connection you have as a nurse. You’re there with the patients all the time and you really get to see them develop, grow and get better.”

Now as a graduate of West Coast University-Ontario’s nursing program, Dingcong tries to pass on her passion to new graduates and even current students.

“It’s so great to not only see old friends at these events but you get to talk with students who are about to graduate too,” she said.

“I talk to them about their experiences and try to be a mentor for them because they are on the verge of joining the real world and become a working nurse. I always try to give them that leadership and a positive thought to just believe in themselves and go get it!”

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