WCU Alumni Spotlight: Julie Weiner

For Julie Weiner, the choice of being part of the Oxford Honors program or graduating with her original bachelor of science in nursing cohort at West Coast University-Los Angeles wasn’t really a choice at all.

Weiner was part of the 2018 Oxford Honors experience, where WCU students spend 10 weeks — including three weeks studying at the University of Oxford with other WCU students and faculty. Being in the program also means delaying graduation by one term, and not completing the BSN program with the students they started it with. For many, one of the reasons why they chose to attend WCU is its accelerated pace and the ability to enter the workforce sooner. Now that she’s completed her BSN program, Weiner said she has no regrets about her decision.

“Going to Oxford was something that I could never, ever give up — ever. If you were to tell me I would lose my cohort but yet go to Oxford, that’s fine because I actually gained another one here,” Weiner said.

While she was sad about no longer attending class with her original cohort, Weiner said the friendships formed within her original cohort were much stronger than the time she spent in England.

“Your core group of friends and your cohort will be your sounding board, your support system,” she said, “so you just really need to find a group of friends that really encourages you and supports you and is not competitive. I feel like envy in a cohort is like the death of a cohort and I feel very lucky that I was able to be in two that were very, very supportive.”

Besides the Oxford program, Weiner also took part in the International Education’s global public health opportunities and went to Madrid in March 2019. She said she always recommends that students apply for both the Oxford Honors and Global Public Health programs.

“If you want to go on an international program and if you want to go abroad and study and see nursing at its finest in other countries, West Coast is definitely going to give you that opportunity,” she said.

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