WCU Alumni Spotlight: Josiah Jones

West Coast University bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) graduate Josiah Jones is thankful to be alive.

While serving in the military, Jones was in a situation that almost ended his life but thanks to the hard work of his nurses, he is still here today. His time in the hospital gave him the drive and inspiration to become a nurse himself.

“The doctors had actually given up on me and told my parents I wasn’t going to make it,” Jones said. “It was only the nurses that were coming in and taking care of me and telling my parents, ‘everything was going to be okay.’ That drove me to be one of those nurses that cares and shows compassion.”

Once Jones had recovered, he began to look for a school that would help him achieve his goal of becoming a nurse. That school was West Coast University.

Although Jones had struggled with a learning deficit when he was younger, he wanted to be able to succeed at WCU without any special help and in 2017 he did just that.

“It was important to me to succeed at WCU and although there were opportunities like extended tests taking time, I chose not to use any of them and get through the program by my own means,” he said. “I really wanted to dig deep within myself and be able to accomplish this on my own so I could say that I did this.”

Now as a proud WCU alumnus, Jones is ready to bring his compassion to the nursing profession so he can change someone’s life, just like his nurses did for him.

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