WCU Alumni Spotlight: Brittany Joachim, OTR/L

Prior to attending West Coast University’s career fair at the Center for Graduate Studies, Brittany Joachim met with Career Services to go over her resume and research companies.

After the career fair, Joachim said she plans on going back to Career Services to prepare for the job interviews she expects to schedule with the occupational therapy recruiters she met with at the event.

“It feels so good to have people really want you,” Joachim, who recently earned her master of science in occupational therapy, said. “It’s one thing to go on your computer and apply and be another number, but it’s so great to be able to talk with someone face-to-face and be able to interact with them.”


How did you learn about occupational therapy?

I traveled beforehand. I worked with autistic children doing applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy a little bit and just kind of bounced around, but I found OT when I was 18. I did a silly online career test and it was like, ‘you need a social career’ and then I saw occupational therapy. Then I researched it and job shadowed and just loved it. So it’s been a dream of mine. I’m 30 now, so it’s been a dream of mine since I was 18 — for 12 years. I just feel so privileged to enter into this career.

Why did you choose West Coast University?

I love West Coast because of the hands-on experience. I felt so prepared in every fieldwork that I went into. I felt so ready to interact with whatever population I was interacting with.

What do you like the most about occupational therapy?

It’s like a dream job, whether it’s working with pediatrics and hanging out with kiddos or being on a oncology unit working with women with breast cancer. It’s just such a fantastic, fulfilling experience to be able to meet a person right where they’re at.

Do you feel WCU prepared you to work in the OT field?

I feel very blessed that I’ve gone to West Coast University. I think one thing about MSOT program does incredibly well is prepare students for a practical clinical life after graduate school. It’s such a family. I feel West Coast has done an excellent job.

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