WCU-Dallas Alumni Come Together for Taco Tuesday

West Coast University graduates took time from their busy schedules to meet — and eat — at the latest Alumni Network event in Dallas.

The nine WCU-Dallas grads were greeted at Jose’s Comida Taco by Marina Harrison and Ingrid Hooker from the Alumni Network, and later joined by WCU-Dallas executive director Duemand Edwards.

Traci Robinson, who received her bachelor of science from WCU-Dallas in 2018, said she was a little apprehensive about attending her first alumni event, considering she had just graduated and was the most recent nurse at the dinner.

“This was great. I felt welcome, I felt like despite the fact that I am a new graduate, that I fit right in the fold,” she said.

Sandra Marti, who graduated with her BSN from WCU-Dallas in 2015, said she’s never heard of anything like the Alumni Network from other schools or from colleagues at work.

“I feel like we are a big, huge family trying to help each other move forward and be successful,” she said.

WCU-Dallas BSN grad JD Buchert said he loves going to Alumni Network events because they’re great ways to find out who’s hiring and get real information about other hospitals in the area. But mostly, Buchert said, it’s just a fun way to catch up with former classmates.

“When I graduated, I had 22 other people in my cohort,” Buchert said, “and I want to know what they are doing today.”

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