WCU Alumni Network Celebrates Opening Two California Chapters

West Coast University’s Alumni Network officially launched two new chapters in Los Angeles and Ontario. To celebrate, the network held an event at Luminarias in Monterey Park to introduce and induct the new board members.

“These chapters provide an amazing networking opportunity for our alumni,” WCU Alumni Relations & Events Director Chini Camargo said. “We’re also participating in community outreach as well, and we’re raising funds for the Alumni Scholarship Fund.”

Camargo was excited for WCU alumni to get involved within their chapters to participate in the various events and opportunities. WCU grads are automatically part of the Alumni Network and the chapters will connect participants within the network to get together to celebrate their alma mater.

Getting involved with the chapters brings a lot of benefits, boasted WCU-LA chapter president Jonathan Llamas. When the opportunity arose for him to help conceptualize the Los Angeles chapter, he knew he wanted to be a part of it.

“I think this is a great opportunity to give back to West Coast University, who has given us so much in regards to our education and the opportunities we’ve had,” Llamas explained. “It’s a great way to continue to hopefully inspire a lot of the other students to give back as well.”

To get involved in your chapter, visit our website.

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