WCU Alumni Spotlight: Barbara O, MPH ’18

What brought you to WCU as a student?

The ability to enroll within weeks. The admission department reviewed my application and helped me to register with ease.

How do you think earning your master’s degree at WCU helped you grow professionally?

Earning my master’s degree at WCU open pathways into additional opportunities. For instance, I was the program assistant for the Nursing department for five years and I have been promoted to program manager. Obtaining my degree has not only provided me with professional growth but also enhanced my personal development skills.

What is your favorite part of your job at WCU?

My favorite part of my job at WCU is to help the students and associates with fast and supportive decisions for practical solutions and good judgment in solving problems that had to be made in a timely manner.

How are you involved with WCU currently?

At this time my involvement with WCU is concise since time is a huge factor in my life. However, I hope to increase my participation and be part of such an amazing team.  

If you could give one word of advice to our WCU online students, what would it be?

To use their time wisely! Timing and prioritizing their daily tasks is very important since course assignments are due on a daily basis. Time management is an important concept in student life.

Why do you think it’s important for our alumni to stay involved with their alma mater — whether by attending an alumni event, volunteering their time or giving to the alumni scholarship fund?

It is important for our alumni to stay involved with their alma mater because it will inspire students to build a strong community and to give other students a sense of motivation to continue with their education as well as support within their professional lives.

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