Top 5 Gifts for an Undergraduate Student

The holiday season is just around the corner! If you’re wondering what to get for your undergraduate college student, check out this helpful gift guide with some great ideas all students will appreciate!

Personalized Planner
Organization is a skill all students must master in order to find academic success. From keeping track of both online and on-campus lectures, to remembering all your assignments and readings, a good planner is an essential organization tool. You can find a variety of planners both online and in store.

To add a personalized touch, try a custom cover. Some brands, such as Golden Coil and Erin Condren allow you to design a planner and add a name or even a picture on the cover.

Weighted Blanket
Weighted blankets have become the latest must-have comfort item. They provide a steady pressure that is meant to help you get better sleep. Your student will thank you during stressful weeks when sleep is essential.

You can find a variety of options online.

Stylish Backpack
Gone are the days when your student chooses the backpack with the latest and coolest Disney character. Your college student is likely looking for a stylish, professional backpack that still has all enough room. Look for a backpack that can fit your student’s laptop comfortably. Separate compartments for pens, pencils and sticky notes can also help students stay organized.

There are a variety of backpacks available online that are designed with laptops in mind.

Coffee Maker
It’s no secret that coffee is the drink of choice for many students — morning, afternoon and evening. Help them save money by giving them the tools to make their favorite coffee at home. For students who are fans of iced coffee, a cold brew coffee maker can be as easy as adding grounds, steeping overnight and enjoying!

Alternatively, an instant coffee maker such as Keurig can help them get their morning coffee quickly and effortlessly.

A Hydro Flask in their Favorite Color
Hydro Flask is a favorite among college students. These reusable water bottles are not just environmentally friendly, they also help keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. Additionally, they come in a variety of colors so you can pick something you know your student will enjoy.

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